About Us
At Learning Era, our mission is to make learning fun for children everywhere, and build a strong foundation for academic success. Our expanding portfolio of educational products includes Pictoword School, an Al- powered student-adaptive program that supports children's vocabulary development. Pictoword School is a school solution that is research based, and developed by a team of education experts. This program has proven efficacy in increasing children's learning by approximately 12% based on a research study conducted by WestEd and funded by the Department of Education. Our portfolio also includes Pictoword Edu, a solution for parents who are eager to reinforce their children's learning at home or for teachers to engage students in a fun way. Pictoword Edu is developed by the creators of Pictoword, an award-winning app that has been downloaded by 40 million users around the world.
Chun-Kai Wang
Co-Founder, CEO
As the co-founder and CEO of Learning Era, CK has led the development of educational apps that have reached tens of millions of users worldwide. Previously, CK worked at Microsoft as a software engineer in the Games team and subsequently in the Machine Learning Research group. While at Microsoft, CK filed several machine learning patents and built a large-scale web service to analyze Twitter streams and deployed a cloud entity extraction service scaled to handle 200 million status updates & tweets per day.
Jonathan Chang
Co-Founder, COO
As the co-founder and COO of Learning Era, Jon has led the wide-scale commercial distribution of the company's educational apps. Previously, Jon established the Business Operations function at Twitch (a subsidiary of Amazon) and partnered with the company's leadership team to drive Twitch's sales strategy and business development initiatives. Prior to this, Jon led business strategy and corporate development efforts at Twitter.
Elli Suzuki
Director of Education
As the Director of Education of Learning Era, Elli leads the product development and research of the company's educational apps. Previously, Elli was a researcher at WestEd where she led research evaluations of SBIR grants funded by IES and NIH and coordinated multi-year randomized controlled trials funded by IES. She has extensive experience in usability testing, classroom feasibility testing, and implementation studies of educational technology tools.
Learning Era is proud to have been consistently recognized for the excellence of our products, receiving numerous national awards from education, parenting, and media organizations.
Finalists for The EdTech Awards 2023
For Pictoword School
IES Small Business Innovation Research Grant in 2021
For Pictoword School
Gold Medal at the International Serious Play Awards in 2021
For Pictoword School
Shortlisted for Best Educational Games at TIGA Awards in 2018
For Pictoword Edu
Global Mobile App Summit and Awards Bangalore 2018
For Pictoword Edu
Gold Medal at the International Serious Play Awards in 2018
For Pictoword Edu
Mobile Star Awards Superstar for Learning App for Kids 2016
For Pictoword Edu
Mobile Star Awards Shining Star for Educational or Knowledge Reference 2016
For Pictoword Edu
Academics' Choice Smart Media Award 2016
For Pictoword Edu